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The Unsung Heroes of Scotts Valley Market…

Like many businesses, there are a lot of moving parts to keep it running and if that business faces the public, many of those moving parts are rarely and sometimes never seen…

This is a salute to our upstairs unsung heroes who have had to go the extra mile (and then some!) to keep everything running as smoothly as possible during a difficult time that has no past parallel! With the chaos of the Covid-19 virus and the unforeseeable problems it causes, ordering, receiving, bookkeeping, administration and communication, are ordinarily predictable jobs to be performed but over the last few weeks, these jobs have been anything but!

A big shoutout to Paul, (lower photo), Astrid & Tami, (upper left), and Lee, (upper right) who manage all the behind-the-scenes operations which customers never see but their heroic efforts are what keeps Scotts Valley Market a well-oiled machine!

We never forget, in both good times and the more challenging times, that YOUR Health & Safety is OUR #1 Priority!!!


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