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A Simple, Easy Trick to Control Banana Ripening!

Most folks are finicky about their bananas, aren't they? Some like them with just a tinge of green, while some like them very ripe with dark speckles covering the whole banana and then some of us like them best somewhere in between, right?

The problem becomes that the green bunch of bananas you bought at the store all ripen at the same time and most of the time, they ripen too fast!

Here’s an easy way to take control of how fast the bananas ripen! Separate ’em!!!

You see, as most fruits, bananas especially, ripen, they give off Ethylene gas and this Ethylene gas causes any nearby fruit to begin the ripening process. This is why a bunch of bananas all ripen at the same time, so here’s the way to slow that process down and control it.

When you bring the bananas home, break the bunch into separate pieces! If you want some to ripen sooner, leave some together and separate the ones you want to slow the ripening. It’s a simple trick and best of all, it’s easy and it works!!!


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