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Scotts Valley Market customers are “Essential” to Us!

We are fortunate to be considered an “essential” business but it’s our fantastic and loyal customers who are truly “essential” to us! Without our friends, fans and loyal customers, there is NO Scotts Valley Market!

The painful reality is that the Covid-19 Virus has touched everyone regardless of their station in life. In facing the fear of a new and unknown virus that has spread worldwide, that understandable fear has also brought with it, the trend of panic buying, which is fortunately, beginning to trend back to normal.

At the same time, business for our popular “Deli@” is slower, as it is for most prepared food outlets.

In order to conform to new Health & Safety regulations, as well as Social Distancing CDC guidelines, it naturally necessitated closing our popular Hot Food and Salad Bar which caused some customers to assume that the Deli@ is also closed…

But it’s NOT!!!

We’re open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Check out our digital menu screens on display in the Deli. Of course, all orders are to-go but we have a very extensive menu for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner!!!

We never forget, in both good times and the more challenging times, that YOUR Health & Safety is OUR #1 Priority!!!


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