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Let’s Hear it for Our Local Heroes!

The combination of fear and severe economic pressures as the result of a pandemic like the Covid-19 virus, puts tremendous pressure on what are considered essential services, especially the grocery business. When customers see empty shelves, the urge to panic buys becomes almost overwhelming and it feeds on itself so our #1 priority is to keep the shelves stocked!

A number of our national suppliers were overwhelmed with demand and keeping our shelves stocked was becoming a big problem. Thankfully, our LOCAL heroes, Clover Dairy Farm in Sonoma, Glaum Egg Ranch in Aptos, Watsonville Coast Produce and Del Monte Meats of Marina ALL stepped up to the plate!

We must also hasten to mention a national distributor-supplier who stepped up to help us out and delivered when others could not, UNFI, United Natural Foods!

Finally, it was our team of devoted employees who, when HUGE shipments hit our dock, they flood the warehouse with high energy and enthusiasm to get the job done! They did and then some!

They were able to get TWO truckloads of everything from Toilet paper to Pet food unloaded and one the shelves in record time!!!

Kudos to our Scotts Valley Market Team!


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