Heartwarming Acts of Kindness by Our Wonderful Customers!

Very often, the most trying times brings out the absolute best in people and we have two shining examples! One of our customers, Nat, became a Scotts Valley Market customer after being disappointed with his local Capitola grocer. Nat mentioned to his neighbor Tina, that he was going grocery shopping and asked, “Do you need anything?”

Tina replied, “Oooo... Well, some fresh greens would be nice and maybe some mushrooms...”

Nat returned later with this:

Fresh Spinach and Salad greens, plus two cartons of Organic Mushrooms, a bottle of Red Wine and paper goods!

Instead of spending around $5.00 for what she asked, he spent easily over $20.00 and Nat refused to take any money from Tina. He was happy to help her out...

We also have a husband and wife couple who are regular Scotts Valley Market Shoppers, who prefer to remain anonymous, came into the store and bought Scotts Valley Market Gift Cards to donate to the local Food Bank...

Did we mention that they bought 40, as in FORTY, Scotts Valley Market Gift Cards at $25.00 each? They bought ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of Scotts Valley Market Gift Cards!

It is beyond heartwarming to know that during difficult times when some react with panic, there are those who think first of others, and these two examples serve as an inspiration to all of us! We @Scotts Valley Market bow in thanks to such senseless acts of kindness and we will continue to persevere to serve ALL our customers!

The light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel is visible now! We all need to hang together for a little while longer and we’ll all be soon back in the sunshine and better for the experience!

Feedback or comments?

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