Duarte’s Pescadero Tavern’s Bloody Mary

If you’ve ever been to Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero, you likely know they make one of THE BEST Bloody Mary’s on the planet! Want to make your own that tastes just like it?

  • A shot of High-Quality Vodka

  • FRESH Horseradish! (a teaspoon AT LEAST and get the fresh stuff!)

  • Old Bay Seasoning(a healthy dash or two!)

  • A dash of Tabasco or other Hot Sauce

  • Tomato Juice (don't worry, it’ll be PLENTY spicy)

  • A dash of Worcestershire

  • A few grinds of Black Pepper

  • Twist of fresh lemon

Add ice to a tumbler and add the ingredients above in that order... You’re welcome!

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