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A 20-year Old Product You’ve Never Heard Of…

(To begin, we want to make it clear this is NOT a paid advertisement or endorsement of the product.)

Have you heard of a product that is as sweet as sugar, measures cup for cup like sugar, is 100% natural and has ZERO Calories? It’s also been around for almost 20 years!

It’s called Swerve® and they are based in New Orleans and apparently, it’s taken all that time to make to the West Coast!

Swerve is made by fermenting certain sugars from Non-GMO Corn which yields a sweetener called Erythritol, which then blended with certain sugars found in the roots of starchy vegetables. Swerve has none of the unpleasant problems associated with artificial sweeteners, nor any of the odd aftertaste problems.

What makes it easy to replace in your cooking is that it measures, cup for cup, the same as regular sugar! It’s available in regular Granular, Confectioner’s and Brown.

It’s also non-glycemic and most amazing of all, zero, as in ZERO calories!

We are now carrying Swerve at Scotts Valley Market so check it out!


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