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Squeezing Blood From an... Orange?

We're all familiar with the mega-monster juicing machines, found at mega-monster stores that sell everything by the pallet. These machines claim to be able to extract juice out of anything from Radicchio to Concrete.

Hmmm. Maybe, but what they can do, guaranteed, is extract a substantial amount of money from your wallet.

These machines deliver very healthful juices, but there are downsides. First there is the cost, as just mentioned. Many of these machines cost from $200 to almost $600!! These are industrial strength machines, so it's not surprising that they are expensive and they fill a need for the dedicated 'power juicer'.

They also require a commitment in that they take time to clean, they often produce more compost than juice, and finally, very often, the final juice you get can be, well... let's be honest, sometimes it looks like something that goes in your car, or should have a "biohazard" label on it. Sometimes you just need to close your eyes, hold your nose and swallow. BUT IT'S HEALTHY, RIGHT? Right, but only if you actually drink it. It takes time and commitment...

There is a MUCH easier alternative that costs less than $40.00 and you can produce delicious juices in minutes! We're talking of course, about a Citrus Juicer! Powerful yet compact, Citrus Juicers can be found online from a variety of the usual sources, are Super-easy to use and are very easy to clean.

Once you begin the Citrus Juicing Habit, there's no turning back! The fresh flavor is incomparable!

FYI, Blood Oranges are in peak season now (December through May). They are rich in Anthocyanins, which are powerful anti-oxidants and are associated with protecting the body from Heart Disease, Cancer and have shown to lower LDLs ("bad" Cholesterol) levels.

Also, Pink Grapefruit, (which is available year-round), is loaded with lycopene, carotenoids and other phytonutrients as well as Vitamin C, A, Pantothenic Acid (B5), plus many minerals!

You can easily make:

  • Fresh Lemonade

  • Fresh Limeade (also great for Guacamole and Salsa!)

  • Orange Juice

  • Blood Orange Juice (it's EXQUISITE for Sangria!)

  • Pink Grapefruit Juice (you've NEVER had a Bay Breeze or a Greyhound until you have it with Fresh Pink Grapefruit juice!)

Here's another tip: You can EASILY make zest from the juiced rinds! You can also flatten the rinds and freeze them to save to make zest later!

Of course, every one of these Citrus fruits (and more!) are here at Scotts Valley Market!

​​Fresh Citrus juices are truly superfoods and are the perfect way to start your morning!

On top of that, it couldn't be easier! It's important to weigh the convenience and the payoff. If you buy a monster juicer but use it infrequently, you're miles ahead with a Citrus Juicer if you use it everyday!

*A point of reference: The Juicer shown here is a Black & Decker but is meant to serve as an example only. Many companies make Citrus Juicers of similar design and often cost less than $50.00, are very powerful and will last for years!

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