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Keeping Up with Victor Mendez, Produce Manager


Yes, the photo is blurry.

That's because Scotts Valley Market Produce Manager Victor Mendez is ALWAYS on the go!

We managed to stop him long enough to have a conversation about what's in season, weather incidents affecting produce and the increase in costs as a result.

Helping Hands: "Victor, which fruits and vegetables are in season this time of year?"


Victor: "This time of year, citrus comes into peak season. Also pears and Pomegranates. Winter Squash is popular with the Holidays as always.


Right now, Mushrooms are also very good but we can also get those all year long. Of course, fresh produce is shipped from all around the world now, so we can get almost anything any time of the year.


Locally, with the Salinas Valley so close, we always have fresh Broccoli and Lettuce but also the Celery is very good right now and we have local Organic Red and Gold Beets too."


Helping Hands: "There have been price increases in vegetables. What's behind that?"


Victor: "Starting in October or so, most grocery stores begin buying from farmers in Arizona & Texas where the weather is still warm, but this year we had Hurricane Patricia, which caused heavy rain and flooding and a lot of farmers lost their crops and had to replant, so because of that the prices went up by 15-20%."


Helping Hands: "If customers have questions about Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, they should come and see you?"


Victor: "Yes, of course. Call the store to make sure I'm in and I can also answer a lot of questions over the phone. The number is 831.438.4324

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